OPEN CALL The Tikeya Nomadic Residency Project (Egypt)


The aim of the The Tikeya Residency Project is to engage with the old Caravanserai tradition of the Arab World. A tradition that enforced multicultural exchange through travel, networking and self-reflexivity.

As in the old Caravanserais, The Tikeya Residency Project will move from site to site and will involve a strong component of networking based in visits and informal encounters with the different members of the social and cultural contexts of Alexandria, Siwa Oasis, Frafra and Baharya Oasis and Cairo.

The Tikeya Residency Project is not a production-based residency. To develop a project will be entirely up to you. The only thing required though will be to create a self reflexive Artists Book/Travel Journal. This Artist Book/Travel Journal can use any technique, from writing to drawing to photography or video and performance or a mix of all the above. The only condition is that your experience can be compiled in the format of a book.

Through this methodology we wish to link the Arab tradition of Travel Literature and Artist Book that will critically and creatively reflect on current and not so current socio-political and cultural issues in Contemporary Egypt.

At the end of The Tikeya Residency Project it is required to do a final presentation or if requested an exhibition.

The outcome of the residency will be a unique artwork made by creative individuals working in different disciplines and formats. An artist-book that will reflect on the contemporary social and cultural landscapes of Egypt.


Alexandria-Siwa Oasis – Frafra / Baharya Oasis – Cairo – Alexandria

Duration: From the 10th February till the 10th March 2013.

Alexandria (1 day) = Welcome and introduction to the team.

Siwa Oasis (5 days) = Networking and Documentation.

Frafra/Bahariya Oasis (4 days) = Networking and Documentation.

Cairo (4 days) = Networking and Documentation.

Alexandria (5 days) = Networking and Public Presentation and/or exhibition.


To be creative and critical is the main component for The Tikeya Residency Project. Creativity is understood here in its most broad term. Criticality as well.

The Tikeya Residency Project welcomes applications from writers, social scientists, musicians, cultural researchers, visual artists, curators, craft professionals, media artists, anthropologists, astronomers, geologists, performers, urban planers, architects, environmental scientists, humanists and social workers.


The total cost is 750E.

This includes all travel costs in Egypt, accommodation with breakfast and dinners, networking, cultural and natural tours as well as final presentation/exhibition and copy of your Artists Book for the The Tikeya Residency Project Archive.

In the case you are thinking in applying for funding  we would be more than happy to provide you with an acceptance letter as well as resources on mobility. You can find a list of funding possibilities HERE.

For an application and other requests please send us a email at:

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