Grants for Syrian Artists´fund – Moltaqa Dawrak – Mau Mau Residency


Selection for the British Council – Grants for Syrian Artists’ fund for the project

’11-10-13´ created collaboratively between Syrian artists Mahmud Hassan and Emad Al Ahmad and CeRCCa.

Thanks to the support of CeRCCa the project ’11-10-13´ has been awarded the British Council – Grants for Syrian Artists’ fund (2013-14)

’11-10-13´ is a collaborative project between the Syrian filmmaker Mahmud Hassan Alhoussian and the Syrian poet Emad Al Ahmad both now a days living in Egypt as refugees. The ’11-10-13´ Project is composed by a documentary and poems about the tragic events that happened on Friday the 11th of October 2013. In that night a boat with more than 116 refugees from Syria and Palestine sank in front of the coast of Alexandria with the outcome of 12 people died. The 104 refugees are still kept at a prison/refugee camp in Alexandria. The documentary and the poems reflect on personal stories about the event while framing it with the current political policies taken by Egyptian authorities towards Syrian refugees. As a result the ’11-10-13´ aims at evolve as a multidisciplinary project that will take the form of an event composted of film screening, poetry readying and a round table.

Congratulations Mahmud Hassan Alhoussian and Emad Al Ahmad!

Selection of CeRCCa to be part of the Moltaqa Dawrak meeting in Alexandria.

CeRCCa selected from more than 1000 organizations to be part of the Moltaqa Dawrak in Alexandria. Moltaqa Dawrak will take place as a gathering for civil society organisations previously participating in the Dawrak programme and major actors in the intercultural dialogue field in Alexandria, Egypt from 1st to 2nd of December 2014, where the Foundation was established ten years ago. This event will be an occasion to present 3 pilot years of Dawrak – Citizens for Dialogue programme and its projects.

Pau Cata, director of CeRCCa selected to be part of a self’directed research residency at Mau Mau Istanbul (December 2014)

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