CeRCCa participates at the Leap Second Festival One Second Residency with artist Jordan Topiel Paul

jtpJordan Topiel Paul (b. 1985, NYC) is a composer whose work addresses the dynamics of listening, spaces and contemporary culture. Extending from the proposition that music’s primary material is listening, his pieces point to an expanded musical context that foregrounds attention, physicality, venue, timing, and genre. His performances and installations have been presented foremost on the internet as well as in apartments, canyons, motels, chapels, museums, galleries, cafes, public plazas and music spaces throughout North America and Europe. He lives and works mostly in Mexico City. More info about his work can be found here and about the Leap Second Festival here
Leap Second is an online sound piece that makes a sound only during the leap second between 2016 and 2017. It is one of a series of online sound pieces that investigate the area between clock, musical composition and online sound installation. Leap Second
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