North Africa Cultural Mobility Map (2012-on going)


 North Africa Cultural Mobility Map is a research project about mobility initiatives for artists, writers and researchers from all over the world interested in traveling to North Africa. Furthermore the project aims at facilitating opportunities for artists, writers and researchers from this region to travel and develop projects within North Africa. Our aim is to promote a better understanding of the cultural and socio-politic context of the region while at the same time strengthen cultural dialogue and collaboration between north african counties.

In order to achieve these goals the project will facilitate:

  • A county by country database of mobility programs operating in the region.
  • Video interviews to different Artist in Residency Programs coordinators.
  • Information about networking and funding opportunities.
  • resources section with Artist in Residency Networks and other useful websites.
  • research tool with relevant on-line, bibliography, creative projects and experiences on the topic of cultural mobility in North Africa.

North Africa Cultural Mobility Map is by no means a complete project but an open and organic on-line portal. Its aim is to become an info-platform and a space from where to discuss the traditions and contradictions, interests and imbalances of cultural mobility in the region.

North Africa Cultural Mobility Map is a project coordinated by CeRCCa (Barcelona), El Madina (Alexandria), Le18 (Marrakech), Atelier de l’Observatoire (Casablanca), Jider (Barcelona/Tunis) and TCD (Algers) with the support of: