CeRCCa presents the NACMM at the Transcultural Exchange International Conference 2016 (Boston University, 24th, 25th and 26th February 2016)

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Traditionally, artists relied solely on galleries and dealers to support their art. They worked largely within the confines of their discipline and studio walls. Today numerous other options for artists also exist: More and more artists are managing their own careers, working in new formats and collaborating with people in different disciplines, both here and abroad.

Reflecting this new reality and picking up where the last Conference Engaging Minds left off, TransCultural Exchange’s 2016 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts offers exciting possibilities for artists to embrace different cultures, mindsets and technologies. For instance, panelists will speak about their international residency programs, provide practical advice (on topics such as resources for funding and managing a studio practice), discuss how art can play a vital role in social or political interventions and promote possibilities for artists to collaborate with those in other disciplines, including medicine, architecture, conservation and engineering. Round Table discussions also will give artists with similar interests the chance to meet, network and talk about their work; and portfolio reviews with the speakers, gallery owners and critics will supply additional venues for artists to showcase their work.

More info about the NACMM – North Africa Cultural Mobility Map can be found here http://www.nacmm.info

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CeRCCa participates at the Anna Lindh Foundation’s inter-network action in Tarragona


From 16th to 19th December, Tarragona will host representatives from 108 associations from 12 European and Arab countries who will discuss and put into practice innovative ways of understanding and promoting non-formal education in Euro-Mediterranean countries with the end of acquiring knowledge, skills and new approaches.

It will take place within the framework of the meeting “Non-formal and Intercultural Education in the Mediterranean” on the premises of Rovira i Virgili University. The event includes an important programme of concerts, human tower shows and playful activities in several squares of the city, as well as workshops in the schools of Tarragona. The meeting is open to civil society organisations and all the residents of Tarragona, the city chosen for its Mediterranean character and rich archaeological heritage and for hosting the next Mediterranean Games.

The objectives are to give the 100 associations from Algeria, Lebanon, Belgium, Lithuania, Spain, Morocco, France, Palestine, Ireland, Portugal, Jordan and Tunisia the opportunity to share experiences and good practices in the field of non-formal education as well as to reflect on new initiatives in this field applicable to the different contexts of the Euro-Mediterranean countries.

The meeting is organised by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, with the collaboration of Tarragona City CouncilRovira i Virgili University and the UNESCO Chair for Intercultural Dialogue in the Mediterranean (URV). The initiative is framed within the mandate of the IEMed and the Anna Lindh Foundation to promote dialogue and cooperation between the peoples and cultures of the Mediterranean, an issue especially relevant and urgent given the political instability and threats being currently experienced by the region.

The associations and civil society organisations taking part are members of the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF), a Euro-Mediterranean network based in Alexandria, promoted in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Process, bringing together 4,000 civil society associations from 43 countries working in the framework of intercultural dialogue. It is the second time that a meeting bringing together organisations from so many countries will be held.

In its turn, the IEMed is a centre specialised in Euro-Mediterranean relations, based in Barcelona since 1989. It is the coordinator of the Spanish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, which will be the network with the largest representation in Tarragona.

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CeRCCa 2010 – 2015


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Artist selected for A.I.R CeRCCa 20 !!!


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Exposició i Presentació de la publicació del 5e aniversari del CeRCCa 2009-2015

Exposicio CeRCCa 2009-2014 last

Exposició i presentació de la publicació del 5e aniversari del CeRCCa 2009-2015. 23 de Juny a 2/4 de 8 del vespre a l‘antic cinema Cal Marçal de Llorenç del Penedès.

La manera en que copcem allo que ens envolta, com fixem en records allo viscut, com vivim el que som creant la propia identitat i ens integrem en els diferents espais que havitem son el punt de partida de les diferents propostes que es presenten en aquesta exposicio. A traves del video, la instal.lacio, el text i la fotografia i enmarcats en la experiencia de viure i crear al CeRCCa, els artistes, impregnats de les diverses realitats que conformen Llorenc del Penedes, els seus carrers vuits, la seva gent enfeinada, la destruccio i concervacio del seu entorn natural i urba i la memoria d’allo que va ser i que potser sera, ens presenten un recull d’imatges i sons que reflexionen sobre l’ experiencia de la ruralitat i la obssesio per retenir allo viscut.

Amb Somiar/mes enlla, Jonathan Rattner ens presenta una serie de diaris personals en video que reflexionen sobre la naturalesa fragmentaria dels pensaments, la memoria i les emocions. A partir de la combinacio de colors i sons grabats a paisatges tan dispars com son els de Catalunya i Alaska la obra teixeix el passat i el present per tal de reflexionar sobre el desig del viatge i la dificil tasca de definir allo que anomenem casa nostra.

Aquesta desig i impossibilitat es tambe el marc del relat ‘La Cadira’ de l’escriptora turca Naz Cuguoglu. Naz reflexiona sobre allo que anomenem identitat. ‘Per molt que ho destigem, no podem despendres d’allo que som, Aquesta es la nostra condicio, la nostra essencia ens persegueix, es la nostra sombra. Una cadira que apareix per fer-nos sentir com a casa sera el fil conductor que ens obliga a dubtar de tot el que ens envolta’.

A #SYRY l’artista argentina Agustina Piasentini ens presenta l’experiencia vital inseparable de l’experiencia artistica. Una interelació que ens fa mes dinamics, participatius i lliures, transformant la vida-art en un joc. Un poema es transforma en un encanteri, un dibuix en un mapa de l’univers, unes imatges en la unio entre l’esser i la natura, un niu fet amb braques i flors, la nostra casa.

Aquest organicisme es ampliat per l’artista canadenc Kurtis Lesick a Entanglement. L’artista ens proposa una nova mirada a allo que anomen espai i temps. Fent us de la teoria cuantica com a marc conceptual, Kurtis ens explica que allo material existeix tambe fora de la nostra conciencia i de la nostra experiencia. Fins que no es apreciada fisicament pels nostres sentits la materia juga fent-se present en multiples realitats. Entanglement ens permet pensar aquest complex terreny atarves d’una install.lacio mix media.

Les obres dels actuals artistes residents al CeRCCa es complementa amb una seleccio de diferents projectes de video art creats al CeRCCa durant aquests 5 anys. Els projectes seleccionats son els de Oreen Cohen, Lei Han, Liliya Lifanova, Sana Ghobbels, Claire Le Clézio i Zoe Balasch, Lourdes Guillen i Noemi Navarro i Kaitlyn Reinhart i Cristal Boemi.

Esperem que gaudiu d’aquesta proposta tan con nosaltres hem gaudit fent-la possible.

Bona revetlla de Sant Joan a tots!

St John-CeRCCa 2009-2015 Expo

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Artists selected for the May and June 2015 CeRCCa AIR Program


Maria Agustina Piasentini (Argentina) Agustina Piasentini was graduated in Visual Arts in Buenos Aires in 2011, from her graduation she has been traveling extensively through Oceania, Asia and Latino America. Her artistic practice focus in education. She has been working in different schools with a special interest in New Education and ‘Escuelas Vivas’. Furthermore her research is framed by the investigations on sacred geometry, quantum theory and climatic. She is familiar with the studies developed by Nassim Haramein and Masaru Emoto as well as the methodologies developed by Flow Art.

During her 2 months residency at CeRCCa she wants to continue her research on Symmetry taking numbers and music as main axis for her paintings, which unfold through sounds, rhythms and vibrations.

Kurtis Lesick (Canada) Kurtis Lesick’s research, installations, media works, digital performances, and cross-media collaborations explore the space between the physical world, and our knowledge, perception, and (mis)representation of it. Lesick’s work draws heavily on his experience in archaeology, anthropology and philosophy, as well as both his love and distain for technology. A hybridizer of artifacts, text, video and opportunistic media, Lesick’s work explores phenomenologies that reframe the relationships between knowledge, time and materiality. Lesick is the past Chair of the School of Craft + Emerging Media at the Alberta College of Art + Design, where he teaches in Media Arts + Digital Technologies, and directs the Creative Environment for Emerging Electronic Culture. He is an adjunct Professor in the Digital Futures Initiative in the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Ontario College of Art and Design University in Toronto and has been visiting faculty at the Banff Centre and the University of California at Irvine. In 2012, Lesick was awarded the inaugural Peoples Choice Award for the Most Inspiration Digital Leader at the Digital Alberta Awards.

During his time at CeRCCa he will develop the project ‘Closing Time’. ‘Closing Time’ will be a series of interventions, videos, media installations, and writings, which will explore the relationships between material space, place, human action and historical imagination without time. The project seeks to create a series of meditations, which “think through” the imposition of time as an artifact of human perception and biology. Concepts from quantum and astrophysics provide a departure point through which he will re‐imagine Llorenc del Penedes as a theatre of human action in which we can “close” time, transcend the politics of memory, and for a brief moment, think past the perceptual trappings of being human. The aim of the project is to interact with local citizens re‐visualizing their relationships to the landscape, its history, and their linear existence in the place and space.

Steven Aaron Hughes (Australia) Steven Aaron Hughes is a practitioner in synchronistic digital technologies in sound and visual mediums, incorporating performance, installation and composition in exploring the facets of sensory perception. In 2008 Hughes founded his own video production company and has since worked as a visual artist on dramatic film and music video productions collaborating with high profile national and international artists. His musical projects have been won three West Australian Music Industry Awards including ‘Most Popular Release’ and ‘Best New Artist’ and he has been invited to perform in countries including Japan, New Zealand and the US. Steven has also operated a recording, mixing and mastering studio named Galaxial Acid Audio since 2012 and has operated and curated a camping, music and arts festival ‘Camp Doogs’ since 2013.

During his time at CeRCCa Steven will continue working in his project ‘Hostile / Natural’. ‘Hostile / Natural’ is an exploration of clash of the natural, organic and the industrial, manufactured through the subjective experience of the observer, the human body, which in the modern age is a collision between that which is created from the earth and that which has been modified by the instruments that humanity has imposed upon itself. Combining surreal video and audio, housed in a reactive installation, ‘Hostile / Natural’ draws from artist Steven Aaron Hughes’ experiences documented from time spent in the Amazon jungle exploring the culture and practices of shamanic healers. Those who talk to the plant spirits and connect with the earth and how these messages and teachings take hold in the modern context. As the subject Steven subjects himself to the processes of transformation from the being of nature to the modern human entity, through the process of shamanic transformation. Surrealist video combined with audio, animation and installation creates a space for the viewer to look into this transformation, affect it and be affected by it, seeing Hughes’ transformation and struggle as a mirror to their own position in this unknown evolutionary path.

Dimity Magnus (Australia) Dimity Magnus is an interdisciplinary artist. In Perth, Australia she is the Director and producer of Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School. Sketchy’s is an alternative life drawing event featuring circus and burlesque performers as the models as well as providing a platform to promote and network local artists. Dimity designs and fabricates installation art for festivals and is director of Art For Reef a world wide not for profit online gallery to grow awareness against the threat posed to Australia Great Barrier Reef. She is also Vocalist for the band She Leaves the Mountain. With a history in costuming, set design, sculpture and events management Dimity enjoys combining skills and creating new experiences and worlds for the viewer.

During her time at CeRCCa Dimity will work on a project dealing with the theme of nature reclaiming industry. As she says ‘In the same way that Industry violently overtakes and destroys the environment I would like to find ways of expressing the power and majesty of the earth by means of sculptural works depicting the destruction of industry through the power of god-like acts of nature’. With this aim She will be researching different sculptural mediums while cultivating plant life, creating sketches, unique print work and clothing.

Jonathan Rattner (U.S.A) Jonathan Rattner is an artist that primarily produces experimental nonfiction films and videos. He holds an M.F.A in Film and Video Production from the University of Iowa, an M.F.A. in Intermedia Art from the University of Iowa, and a B.F.A. in Film and Television from Tisch School for the Arts, N.Y.U. He has exhibited work at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the University of Iowa Museum of Art, the World Social Forum in Brazil, the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, the European Media Arts Festival, L’Alternativa Film Festival, as well as at other colleges, festivals, and galleries in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Rattner is currently an active member of the art collective Wildland Urban Interface and holds the position of Assistant Professor of Cinema & Media Arts at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. ‘In my work as a filmmaker, I combine documentary and experimental elements to probe issues of place-based identity and memory construction. In an era in which our sense of identity is constantly being transformed by digital technology, my artistic research investigates the seam between the natural and artificial landscapes that surround and shape us. My films are short works that interact with various media (postcards, landscape photography, home videos, historical documentaries, travel diaries) that we, collectively and individually, use to define ourselves in relation to place. In order to question and reimagine these forms of memorialization and identification, I create poetic meditations of the moments we hold on to, the images and objects we collect, and the stories we generate in and around our physical and mediated environments’.

Cecilia De Souza (Uruguay) Cecilia De Souza resides in Ushuaia, Argentina from 2006. Her artistic practice moves between photography and painting. She is interested in challenging both mediums through embracing error as a way of discover that what is unconscious, the synthesis without representation of dreams. Her aim is to experiment with strategies that challenge the mandates of consciousness and to use metaphor in order to rethink the workings of discipline and its methods of representation. Cecilia De Souza work has been exhibited at Galeria Pera de Goma, Montevideo, Museo Fueguino de Arte2011:“20 años 20 artistas”, Museo Fueguino de Arte y Museo Marítimo de Ushuaia 2010 and Ushuaia. Primer Salón de Pintura de Río Negro2009: Bienal del Fin del Mundo.

During her time at CeRCCa Cecilia will work in a collaborative project were the medium of painting will taken as a self-discovery process more than a final product. Painting then will become a lived entity, a flux that will work as a channel. The aim is to understand the pictoric experience away from what is visible. The idea is to create a white cube (3x3x3) were the participants will interact with the space by curating an inside installation that will expand afterword with the cube itself through site-specific interventions covering the entire cube. The cube then will be deconstructed and will be exhibited unfold as a large collaborative mural painting.    

Naz Cuguoglu (Turkey) finished her undergraduate studies in the psychology department of Koc University, Istanbul. She has been interested in culture and cultural studies so she has taken part in many volunteering projects in different countries such as Nicaraguara and USA, has worked at different culture labs in Turkey and USA and finished her graduate studies at social psychology department of Koc University specializing in cultural psychology. She has taken many creative writing courses at the college and has been writing art critics and making interviews as a freelance writer for different magazines such as Istanbul art news, artfulliving, trendsetter, KLOK, genç sanat, timeout English, etc and writes poems, short stories and memoires. After working at mixer gallery in Istanbul as a content manager for a year, nowadays she works as the coordinator of maumau. At maumau, she has been organizing and curating different exhibitions with her coworker Sine Ergun.

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