Practical Info

  • How to get here

Take a bus from BCN airport to Plaça Catalunya (the main square in Barcelona) and from there you take the train to L’Arboç. You will have to take the train direction Sant Vicenç de Calders (during weekdays there is one train every 10m past each hour and during the weekends is 20m past each hour, here is a detailed time table ( There is a train every hour and the trip is 1h and 10m long. Some one from CeRCCa will come to pick you up in L’Arboç Train Station. Just send us an sms to +34 667264771 once you know which train are you taking so We know at what time We have to be at L’Arboç Train Station.

Life at CeRCCa:

The village has everything you might need like grocery stores, supermarkets, newsagent and paper shop as well as hardware store and bars and a weekly fruit and vegetables market on Monday. Unfortunately there is not yet any art store. To buy art materials you will have to go either to Vilafranca o Barcelona (see info below).

In the village there is also wood and metal workshops.

As you know CeRCCa takes place in an old house in the middle of the village. Each of you will have a room with a double bed. You will have to share the two studios. They are 40 sq m each, sunny and with high ceilings.

Wifi conexion:

  • WLAN-09     XE091532C7709   (indoors)
  • WLAN-73     zyx3lzyx3lzyx       (patio and studio)

CeRCCa is sensible towards the environment so we kindly ask you to use the rubbish selection containers as well as to use moderately water and electricity. Please make sure that all the lights are closed before you go to sleep and close the ones you don’t need.

Transport to Vilafranca and Barcelona:

The village is located in a valley 10Km from the beach, close to the vineyards and not far from the mountains. Besides this privileged location, unfortunately the village has not its own train station but there is a direct bus to Barcelona.

Here is the time-table of the bus to Barcelona:


There are no buses on Sundays. The bus stop direction Barcelona is next to the tobacco shop at the cost of the ticket is 8E aprox.

Alternatively the closest train station is in L’Arboç 5km away from Llorenç del Penedes. And from there you can take trains to Barcelona every 30m past each hour from 6 am to 10 pm. Here you can find all the time-tables:

If no one from the organization is at CeRCCa to drive you, the taxi ride to L’Abroç will cost you approximately 10E. The taxi phone number is +34 646445362. We highly recommend to go to Barcelona in group so the expenses are less.

Buying Art Materials


  • Pinturas Janer SaCarrer de Puigmoltó, 26. Vilafranca del Penedès.+34 938 92 26 46 ‎


Carrer Cardenal Casañas, 13. Barcelona.

+34 933 01 66 80

  • Servei Estacio (5 floor building for all kind of materials in front Tapies Fundation)

Carrer Aragó 270-272 

+34 93 393 24 10

In the viallge there is also a hardware store and a paper shop. Also in the industrial area close to the village there is also a bigger hardware store that can provide with wood and an extended range of materials.

Local Cultural Associations:

El Centre (Cultural Asociation)

  • Ball de Bastons (Folklore)
  • Falcons (Folklore)
  • Grup de Teatre El Centre (Theater)

La Cumprativa (Cultural Asociation)

  • Club Pati Llorenç
  • Ball de Diables i Drac (Folklore)
  • Gegants i Grallers (Folklore)
  • Grup de Capgrossos La Cumprativa (Folklore)
  • Associacio els Tres Tombs (Folklore)
  • Grup de Teatre La Cumprativa (Theater)

Singing and Music Groups

  • Grup de Musica Contrapunt (Music School)
  • Coral Harmonia (Singing Group for adults)
  • Coral Infantil Rossinyols (Singing Group for kids)

Treking and Scouts

  • Grup de Colonies i Campaments ‘Patuleia’ (Scouts)
  • Associacio Excursionista Montmell (Treking)


  • Club d’Escacs Llorenç (Chess)
  • Club Futbol Llorenç (Foodball)
  • Motor Club Llorenç (Motorbike)
  • Grup de Basquet Llorenç (Basket)

Local Magazine:

  • Associacio Portal Nou Cultural

Local School:

  • C.E.I.P Les Cometes
  • APA Escola Publica Les Cometes

Independent organizations

  •  El Pou del Comu (Group of Cultural Research of Llorenç)
  • L’Espanta Rucs (Folklore)
  • Grup d’afeccionats de castells (Floklore)
  • Associacio d’Amics del Poble Saharaui
  • Carites Parroquial

Local Art Spaces and Galleries:

Cultural Networks and Galeries:

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