Exhibition of CeRCCa Artists at Espai d’Art Les Quinates of Llorenç del Penedes

Inna Rogova, Natalya Korchemkina and Nike, first residents at CeRCCa, exhibit their work at the local gallery, Espai d’Art Les Quintanes de Llorenc del Penedes during April 2010.

The Russian ceramic artists Inna and Natalya presented their ceramics under the name ‘Mute Message’. As Inna Rogova says: ‘The world around seems a book full of hidden signs. A seed, a drop of water, a wind sound is a container keeping lots of information. Art objects are devoted to transfer cultural senses. Just percept their mute message’.


From her arrival to Llorenc del Penedes, the Danish artists Nike, one of the residents at the Creative and Research Centre Casamarles, has been creating sculptures that she install not only to different places of the village but also to El Vendrell and Vilafranca. These actions will be developed from other installations that will appear spontaneously at the public spaces of the village and around El Penedes Area. The Project Art2go hosted by Casamarles is part of the actions that Nike has developed in Berlin, Amsterdam, Freiburg, Copenhagen and Cracow.

Going away from ‘Art World’ discourses by using the joke and quotidian materials, the artists invite people to be part of the project. The sculptures and installations can be changed and taken away for any person who wishes to. Art becomes then part of  the everyday of the people that will find it in the most un expected places.


With this project, CeRCCa puts the first stone to an initiative that wants to have continuity in the future. Other artists have been contacting the organization in order to develop their initiatives in excellent surroundings that favour creativity and interaction.



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