Presentation of CeRCCa’s Artists Residents work at Jiwar Barcelona

exposicioCeRCCa poster

L’acció interdisciplinar dels artistes residents al CeRCCa – Centre de Recerca i Creació Casamarles – ens proposa un diàleg entre els relats curts de temàtica urbana de l’escriptora turca Sine Ergun, els murals d’estètica neo-renacentista del pintor ucraïnès Alexander Kudriavchenko i el paisatge sonor basat en el jazz experimental i la improvització del music  canadenc Antoine Berthiaume.

Sine Ergun, d’origen afkasiá i actualment resident a Istambul, ens proposa formar part de la creació d’un relat inspirat en l’obra i la música de l’Alexander i l’Antoine. Atraves de la participació activa del públic l’obra performativa ‘Help the writer!’ deconstrueix la idea d’autor individual recuperant la técnica de l’exquiste corpse’ usada pel l’avanguarda surrealista. El text que s’anira creat de forma col.lectiva intenta fer-nos reflexionar sobre la necessitat de compartir i crear de forma conjunta.

Acompanyant l’obra de Sine, els murals i dibuixos d’Alexander Kudriavchenko i la guitarra acustica d’Antoine Berthiaume envolcalla els Jardins d`Olokuti-Jiwar en un ambient alegoric, intim. A partir de la unó de la música, el dibuix i la pintura, els dos artistes reflexionen sobre les interconexions que poden esdevenir-se entre diferents expressions artístiques, creant així un laberint tranquil des d’on pensar la creativitat a partir del diáleg i la col.laboració.

Public presentation at Convent.0


Noilin O’Kelly, resident at CeRCCa, and Parinama in collaboration with Xavier Serch and , participate in the 5th edition of konvent.0 with experimental sound, music, visuals and dance and an installation. The common theme to the presentations this year was around 1984 by George Orwell’s work in all its broad content. movimentpuntzero is a completely ephemeral and unlimited artistic movement in Central Catalonia that tries to use and dynamise those spaces which, for whatever the reason, were once abandoned at the mercy of the passage of time and all it entails. Empty spaces though full of life and feelings. Buildings of popular interest which, disguised of an equally ephemeral culture, offer a renewed, contemporaneous and romantic view to their visitors. Places where, day after day, the effect of time has erased their existence: making them disappear from social memory and deteriorating its own charm and memory. The other important point of movement.0 is the artist and his/her diffusion; people who make art their own backbone and who search a constant philosophy and life experimentation. moviment.0 brings the two elemental components closer: space and artist, while creating a mutual addiction, mixing them with visual and mental emotions and feelings. These concepts are able to go beyond the barriers of understanding and always search the vision which best fits between degradation and the most experimental creation, arising either from humanity or location. These spaces are offered to creative people able to commit themselves with the daily battle towards art for art’s sake: people who have no boundaries and whose mind is open not only towards the non-structured museum spaces, but also towards constant contribution and internal search.



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