Residency 14

Sarah Melendez

Sarah Melendez, an artist printmaker and creative-minded craftsman living in California, has been a student of the Japanese aesthetic known as Wabi-Sabi for quite some time. During her residency she would like to further her exploration of this ideology and aesthetic. Wabi-Sabi, essentially, is the belief that everything is devolving to or evolving from nothingness and has been described as “the beauty of things imperfect, modest and humble.” During her residency she will research in Wabi-Sabi in the context of CeRCCa so to connect with the cultural and environmental ecology to study the cycles, transformations and traditions of the land and community.

Sarah’s first intervention within the local context of Llorenç del Penedes took place on the 9th and 11th of August during the main festivities of the village. For her installation she created a magic stand where the people from the village could write down their wishes in special papers and put them into a little temple-box. As symbol of gratitude she gave back to the participants a piece of bread made with laurel by the local bakery.


(A wish that will be seed, bread and nourishment.
A project by Sarah Melendez, Artist in Residence at CeRCCa.

This bread started as a seed.
Bread is an essential part of our lives and nourishment.
Your wish is your seed of intention and the means in wish you can nourish yourself and the people that surround you. Your seed is your gift to the community and village.
With your help we are transforming our intentions into wishes and seeds. Take this moment to concentrate on the intention and power of your wish. A wish that is the seed in which will be transformed into the bread and the nourishment for you and this community).

More than 130 wishes have been collected. These wishes have been folded and placed in an altar like space patiently build by Sarah Melendes during her residency at CeRCCa. The space was created by the setting up of the different sculptures that the artists did in papier mache such are giant hearts and a sword fish. The people from the village were invited to enter the space and ‘plant’ the wishes converted in seeds.



Margaret Tali 

‘My engagement with art through my research and practice departs from understanding art as a form of knowledge. During my residency in CeRCCa I finished my PhD research (so I hope!) and kept working on collaborative projects. In the research that’s kept me busy for the past four years I look at the way that stories are told on the basis of art practice. Why those stories and not others? What kind of knowledge do they create and mobilize, what kind of memories and perspectives do they exclude and why? These are the questions with which I’ve been dealing with in my work that looks comparatively at four contemporary art museums and their ways of collecting art. I was superglad to be able to round this work up at CeRCCa and in Llorenç del Penedes among such an inspiring bunch of people.
Besides this I also held a workshop exploring the impact of powerful stories and images from one’s youth and childhood. In a small group we were looking at how these (cross)cultural practices have shaped who we are, how we perceive ourselves, and the world around us’.

Amany Mabrouk 

Amany is an Egyptian mural painter. Her interests evolve around cubism and Picasso. During her residency she will be researching on new materials found in the context of CeRCCa and the influence of Picasso on contemporary mural painting. Her residency is framed by the exchange Program DAWARK funded by the ALF. The program consist in funding exchanges between artists and cultural operators from both sides of the Mediterranean. In that framework, Pau Cata, coordinator of CeRCCa will be traveling to Alexandria (Egypt) to help develop an AIR Program in the context of the hosting organization ElMedina Digital and Performing Arts.

During her residency Amany has developed the mosaic project ‘Faces of the North. ‘Together with the public presentation of her project in CeRCCa, she also conducted a collage and recycling workshop for the people of the village.

TallerAmanyProject ‘Faces of the North’


Slide3Mosaic and recycling workshop:

Workshopin Progess


Amany’s Mabrouk residency at CeRCCa as been possible thanks to the support of