Residency 17

Laura Tous (El Vendrell, Catalonia)

Laura Tous is an artist from El Vendrell. She studied Visual Arts at the University of Barcelona specializing in Painting. During her studies she engaged in Art Therapy at the Metàfora Art School. Through Art Therapy she discovered a refreshing point of view about the creative process and its therapeutic potential. After joining several courses on the matter, She started her work as a therapist in 2006.
In 2008 She started her Master Integratiu d’Arteràpia at Universitat de Girona and joined the GREFART group of professional Art Therapist in 2010. Since 2012 She is focused in creating a net with artists and therapists from the Penedès area and its surroundings.


During her time at CeRCCa she Laura Tous will be working in the development of her ongoing projects Ohne Dich and Mit Dir where she explores the attachment feeling that remains in oneself in someone’s absence through abstract painting. For her the remaining of shared love becomes an open state that helps in creating positive synergies in both sides. When She talks about “love” She doesn’t refer exclusively to romantic love. She understands it as a connection between people in an open state that allows new possibilities to grow and expand richness for each other. This state has the potential to live with happiness, with the will to share, know and learn. For Laura this process that involves giving and receiving from other people isn’t always simple or pleasant. Life itself is always changing, like water going down in a river. But, to be aware of how we make connections, which ones we feed, and which ones we let die, can be helpful in our sense of having a meaning to our lives.

Shehab Mohamed Hassan (Alexandria, Egypt)

Shehab Hassan is a graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Alexandria (Egypt). Since 2000 he got engaged in New Media and started working in advertising and photography as well as web design. The revolutionary events that took place in Egypt in January 25, 2011 were a turning point in his career both at a personal and practical level.

As he says

‘I came out to the street, through my participation in the demonstrations and protests; I learned a lot from many situations and people with different directions and cultures. Where I realized that art and culture are the best way to change communities’.

If was after this experience when Shehab Hassan started working for El Madina Foundation for Performing & Digital Arts. In 2012, he became one of El Madina team and since then he has been an integral part of the project developing the on line image of the organization as well as developing several workshops and festivals. Shehab Hassan will be resident at CeRCCa as part of the DAWRAK Citizen Exchange Program funded by Anna Lindh Foundation.


During his time at CeRCCa Shehab Hassan will be working developing the concept and the websites the NACMM (North Africa Cultural Mobility Map) and
Tikeya Nomadic and Research Residency Program.. He also wants to facilitate photography and editing Workshop and will document his experience as artist in residency at CeRCCa.

Tatevik Avetisyan (Yerevan, Armenia)

Tatevik Avetisyan has accumulated over 10 years’ work experience in communications sphere supported by academic and non-formal study as well as practice in multicultural settings such as Armenia, the U.S. and Europe (Poland, Ukraine). Her research areas of interest are public relations, communications, cultural studies, cultural diplomacy and public sphere (space). She has encompassed this scope through practical work, consultancy, academic and applied training as well as direct engagement. She has also conceptualized and managed a number of endeavors aimed at discussions, alternative use and transformation of public spaces through artistic performance during events such as Europe Day celebration in Armenia. Currently She provides consultancy in managing communications, public relations and community relations to entities dealing with urban planning, infrastructure development and resource management systems.


During her career as a communications professional She has been closely observing the developments of social sphere, transformations of culture and public space use in Armenia and other countries. Given the centralized rapid urbanization in Yerevan, capital of Armenia, and less culturally vibrant rural and regional urban communities, She would like to learn about the best practices, lessons learnt and challenges of similar habitats in Catalonia.

By using cultural, communication theories and toolkit of social research methods such as observation and participation as well as story telling She would like to gain insight into the best practices of using cultural heritage and modernization in rural and urban communities in Catalonia.

Her main media of expression and content creation is text. She envisions putting together her observations in a collection of human stories entwined under a common theme. This can be a print diary of articles and/or an on-line blog. It may contain visual interpretations to accompany the text such as sketches or photos.

You can have a look at the report on her experience HERE

Tatevik was traveling with the support of the European Cultural Foundation’s STEP Beyond Travel Grant.