Residency Program

CeRCCa’s AIR Program responds to the aim of challenging conventional formats. By conventional formats we understand the AIRs that offer a space isolated from its sociocultural context that potentiate individual artistic production of aesthetic objects. We believe that the experience of living and creating in a different context has to be facilitated through exchange and collaboration. This experience takes place both in the practices of art and research and also out side of these discourses; that is, in everyday life. With this objective CeRCCa proposes a residency format where dialogue and interaction become essential.

The characteristics of CeRCCa AIR Program are:

– Each year CeRCCa organizes 3 to 4 AIR Programs that last for approximately 2 months. For each residency 3 to 4 artists are selected. CeRCCa offers individual bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, two 40 2m shared studios, a library as well as a big living-room/kitchen area and a patio.

– In order to facilitate the mutual knowledge both from the different creative perspectives of the artists and the different realities of Llorenç del Penedes, during the first week of the residency, CeRCCa organizes work presentations by the artists and the organizers of the program.

– Depending on the necessities of each artist, the organizers bridge the gap between the artists, researchers and the different associations of the village.

–   CeRCCa also facilitates a series of cultural visits to regional and national organizations as well as to different artistic production centres of Catalonia. These activities can be accompanied by guided tours and informal meetings with different cultural agents.

– The residency also promotes the participation in workshops, local festivals and events.

– At the end of each residency, CeRCCa organises a public presentation of the work that the artists and researchers have developed. These public presentations can take the format of open studios or exhibition at the local art gallery or the Cultural Centre of the village. Depending on the circumstances an exhibition can also take place in a gallery or cultural space of the region or in Barcelona.

– At the end of each residency and with the agreement of the resident artists and researchers, CeRCCa proposes a short video interview with each resident aiming to document his/her experience at CeRCCa.

If you are interested in our program please email us at for an application form.

This project would not have been possible without the support of: