‘The Open Circle Workshop’ organized by SonaQueEtMous

During his residencies at CeRCCa 2011 and 2012 Alexander Kudriavchenko  participated at ‘The Open Circle Workshop’ organized by the cultural association SonaQueEtMous  and coordinated by Zoe Balasch and Olga Sola.  ‘The Open Circle Workshop’ took place in June 2011 and again in July 2012. The workshop was an space of experimentation and creation where the central axis was the rhythmic and emotional training. Rhythm was perceived as the key to produce exchange amongst the participants. The workshop was based on the theater technique of Jaques Lecoq and an integral part of the same was the interaction between disciplines. Following his research on the relation between music, movement and painting Alexander developed a 5m x 2.5m painting in collaboration with the participants. The workshop took place in Vilobi del Penedes and was fruit of a collaboration of SonaQueEtMous with the local School and the Municipality of the village. The project was directed by the expert Ruben Segal and accompanied by the musicians Jose Luis Saguento, Carlos Perez and Octavio Beltran and 42 people participated in it.


The collaboration between Alexander and Ruben Segal, Jose Luis Saguento, Carlos Perez and Octavio Beltran continued one week later in CeRCCa where the four of them together with the performer Zoe Balasch and the musician Olga Sola developed an experimental interdisciplinary performing piece.

During his residency at CeRCCa Alexander Kudriavchenko did a presentation of his work at the Arsenal Contemporary Arts and Crafts School in Vilafranca del Penedes. The presentation was accompained by a workshop organized by CeRCCa and delivered by Alexander. The workshop consisted in the creation of a big mural in one of the walls of the Arsenal Contemporary Arts and Crafts School. The mular was developed with the collaboration of the local students.



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