Pau Cata, director and coordinator

Pau Cata has been working in the cultural field as facilitator and curator for more than 10 years. He has worked on the development of educational material for the main museums of Catalonia and Barcelona while completing his degree in Contemporary History by the University of Barcelona (with awarded Erasmus in Italy and Greece). He has also worked at The British Museum and the White Cube Gallery in London, where he completed a Diploma in Arts Management by Birkbeck College, participated in different courses on curating at Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design and created the curatorial partnership Nomadic Projects. He has an MA in Critical Arts Management and Media Cultural Studies by LSBU for which he was awarded a Distinction and the Course Director Price for Outstanding Achievement. His MA Creative Research has been presented at the Summer School for Curators in Yerevan (Armenia) and in the World of Art Program organized by SCCA in Ljubljana (Slovenia). He is currently director of CeRCCa, Center for Research and Creativity Casamarles, an Artist in Residence Program located in Llorenc del Penedes (Catalonia). As part of his job as Director he has been part on numerous research projects in the field of artists mobility and Artists in Residence Programs and has curated more than 12 exhibitions. His last research ‘Nomadism and Commodification: New challenges and proposals for an Alternative conception of AIR Programs’ (Supported by CoNCA) has been developed as part of his Erasmus Young Entrepreneur Program with MoTA (Museum of Transient Art) in Ljubljana (Slovenia) were he was working as co-curator of the Transitory Network of AIR Programs in East Europe which was presented in Belgrade in July 2011. His research has been selected by the Euromed Forum for Young Research that took place in Istanbul in April 2011, and presented at the Regional Meeting of Resartis in Debrecen (Hungary) and at the Catalan National Arts Council in Barcelona. In 2011 also he has been commissioned two research papers for Transartist On-Air publication and World of Art Program organized by SCCA Ljubljana as well as to present Resartis at the Factoria Cultural in Aviles (Spain). He is currently coordinating the ‘North Africa Cultural Mobility Map’ in collaboration with Transartist and El Madina for Performing and Digital Arts (Alexandria).

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Zoe Balasch DSC_6492

Zoe Balasch, Coordinator

Dancer, choreographer and researcher of body and dance’s shapes. Since 2004  she works as a dancer  or choreographer participating in festivals in Catalonia, Bask Country, France, Denmark and India. Interested in dance, landscape and body I collaborate with architects and geograhers. I develop site-specific projects related to the landscape in rural and urban spaces. Her practice, actions and collaborations are usually presented outside of traditional scenic frames and they always priories lived experience establishing a compromise with the land, the people and the place.  Usually she takes the opportunities offered by technology as a link to collaborate with sound and video artists: Projecte Parinama, Geografies emocionals, Nau-Now, within others.

As a researcher  she is  interested in Eastern philosophies and how the body is understood.  Her research is connected to the production of discourses and artistic practices related to the new languages of the body while linking theory and practice. This  research  on body and dance unfolds the links that exist between body Studies, eastern philosophies  and post-modern discourses.

Educated on dance in independent centers of Catalonia, Spain, Denmark, France and India , and trained in contemporany dance, with a deep influence of butoh and Bodyweather. She studied with Andrés Corchero, Hisako Horikawa, Carme Torrent, Masaki Iwana, Moeno Wakamatsu, Rhizome Lee, Anita Saj, Jushka Weigel..whitihn others. She was awarded a degree in Social Pschicology by the UAB University (Barcelona) where she also studied Dance Movement Therapy. Her education has been  supplemented by a training course in Hatha Yoga , Naad Yoga ( sound’s yoga) and meditation.

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CeRCCa is also suported by the collaboration of Marta Hernandez (Assistant Curator) and Colin Bloom (Artists) amongst many others.